samedi, juillet 29, 2006

Be Succinct

"If you want to write better, an old mentor of mine once said, write tighter. Pick the fewest possible words, he said, and rely on compression to make your ideas explode off the page".
Jack Schafer, Slate Magazine

For all you writers out there, I've heard time and time again that the key to good writing was to get your point across in as few words as possible. Be succinct! Big words aren't necessarily the best way to go either, they alienate audiences and more often than not muddle the text. I tend to use more words than necessary, so this will surely be an interesting test for me one I feel will be useful to implement. So, in the spirit of this text. I will be concise.

Oh, had a great time this weekend with Xenia and Chi Chi. I also met this Haitian guy who went to Princeton and works at the NYSE. Hmmmmm......

bon ton -- n: 1. Fashionable or elegant manner or style 2. The proper or fashionable thing to do 3. Fashionable society; a fashionable social set

"I am who I am, doing what I came to do, acting upon you like a drug or chisel or remind you of your me-ness as I discover you in myself" --- Audre Lorde



Blogger fiercelyfab said...

Definitely must learn this skill. A must--I'm all over the place when I write, I embellish my writings all of the time. See like right now.

7:04:00 PM  

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