lundi, juillet 10, 2006

What's Your Soundtrack?

This past weekend I was thinking about my life --what i've done, what I want to do and what I'm doing now. I'm a little behind where I've wanted to be at 26 but I figure I'm not an old maid yet so why not live in the moment now and make up for lost time. So I asked myself, if I could create a soundtrack of my life right now, how I'm feeling, my moods, thoughts, dreams, and wishes, what would be on that soundtrack. Here's what I've come up with:

1. Mary J. Blige -- "Enough Cryin'"
2. Shelia E. -- "The Glamourous Life"
3. Sam Cooke -- "I was Born By the River"
4. Shawn Colvin -- "Sunny Come Home"
5. Jay-Z -- "Encore"
6. T.I. -- "You Don't Know Me"
7. Whitney Houston -- "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"
8. D'Angelo -- "Sh*t, Damn, Motherf*cker"
9. Janet Jackson -- "Control"
10. Lisa Stansfield -- "All Woman"
11. Sarah McLachlan -- "Fumbling Towards Ecstacy"
12. Madonna -- "Who's That Girl?"

What would I name this soundtrack, you ask. Most likely, "Looking for Happiness". Yeah, I know, not that original but its all I've got. What's your soundtrack?

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-- Oscar Wilde