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For the month of November, I'm hosting the Eracism Carnival this month on my blog and this month's topic is Defining Racism and whiteness, its connection to whiteness, White Supremacy, etc. Please feel free to submit. In the meantime, check out Ariella Drake's submission:

ariella drake presents On "Integration" and Language. posted at ariella drake.

Carnival ¤ erase racism carnival
Next scheduled ¤ Nov 20, 2006
Host blog ¤ Autobiography of a Face
Article to submit
Permalink URL ¤
Title ¤ On "Integration" and Language.
Article Blog
Blog URL ¤
Name ¤ ariella drake
Additional information
Submitter name ¤ ariella drake
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Category ¤ White Supremacy & Privilege
Remarks ¤ none

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Blogger Changeseeker said...

If it's not too late, I've submitted a post (using the Blog Carnival site). Sorry for missing the deadline. I'll totally understand if the post can't be considered.

7:57:00 AM  

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