mardi, septembre 19, 2006

Plan for Expansion of Black Studies Program at Princeton

According to the New York Times today, Princeton has announced that it is expanding its Black studies program which includes the creation of a new center which will explore race, particularly racial identity and problems that surrounding racial politics in America, a doubling of the number of faculty members in the Black studies department, and a major in African American studies for undergraduates (the only Ivy League University to date that has not added a major for undergrads in Black studies). valerie Smith is slated to be the center's director.

Until quite recently, Harvard had the distinction of assembling the "dream team" when it came to Black studies and academics: Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Cornel West, Kwame Anthony Appiah, and William Julius Wilson. But over the past few years both Cornel West and Kwame Appiah have since deflected to Princeton. Its important to state that this is going to be a center, not an academic department which will have a certain level of autonomy aware from the mandates that academic departments have.

In other news please look at Fabulosa Mujer's most recent post. I look forward to implementing into my life a lot of the mantras that she lists.

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--- Jose Marti