dimanche, novembre 27, 2005

Have You Noticed...?

Have you noticed that on Ashton Kutcher's Punk'd on MTV, pretty much each time that he has a Black man on the show, the police or some sort of sexual impropriety are are involved in his prank? Mike Jones, Mekhi Pfeiffer, Mario, Terrell Owens, Omarion, D12, Game, Carmelo Anthony, Ying Yang Twins, etc. The sexual and racial politics on that show are astounding! I guess Ashton and his crew figure that the best way to "punk" a Black man is to get the police involved or to make him the bait in some sort of sexual deviancy, i.e. peeping Tom, underage girls, etc. Its really starting to irritate me and it bothers me that there has been (or at least to my knowledge) no real analysis or criticism of it...

bivouac -- noun: An encampment for the night, usually under little or no shelter.
intransitive verb: To encamp for the night, usually under little or no shelter

"Illusion is the first of all pleasures"
--- Oscar Wilde