jeudi, juillet 13, 2006

The Future is Bright, Very Bright

I love being young! Or maybe I disdain the aging process. I'm not sure yet which one takes precedence. But I love youth. I love being able to take risks, make choices, and follow dreams with the knowledge that (God willin') I have 40 or 50 years left to be serious and do "adult" things. I disagree with George Bernard Shaw when he says, "Youth is wasted on the young". I would rather say that "wisdom (or experience) is wasted on the venerable (a much better word than old people, seasoned folk, or the elderly)". I feel like the future for me is very bright, at least professionally. And I'd like to enjoy this facet of my life-- the twenties-- to the fullest extent possible. So, I have a list of things that I want to accomplish before I'm 30:
  1. Write and publish a book
  2. Travel to 25 countries
  3. Learn to swim
  4. Make a movie
  5. Meet Oprah
  6. Have two boyfriends at the same time
  7. Learn to speak French and Spanish fluently
  8. Become a member of MENSA
  9. Own a home
  10. Learn to make quilts
  11. Get published in The Paris Review
  12. Pay off all my student loans!!!
  13. Be a millionaire
  14. Be in a music video (not a risque one, but a nice R&B/rock/alternative one)
  15. Write a song that somebody records and makes famous

These are just a few of my goals, some of them kinda simple, others outrageous but if I accomplished these. I'd be good. And why not. I'm young!

hobbledehoy-- n: An awkward, gawky young fellow

"Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative"
--- Oscar Wilde