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Call Me Ambitious

So, in my relenting quest to find some sort of outlet for the ever incessant traffic of ideas and projects that run in and out of my mind, I have decided to (and have been actively working on) putting together a number of edited collections on a variety of topics (which I will go into in a minute) that would serve the following purposes:

1. Giving smart and intelligent writers an avenue (especially writers of color and women) in which they can publish their work.
2. Adding to the canon of intelligent thought with fresh ideas and voices, colorful prose, and critical debate, especially as it relates to the bigotry, ignorance, and stupidity that has a monopoly of the contemporary public space.
3. Bringing to the surface issues, specifically those in pop culture and politics, that while extremely important have barely made it to the surface of critical debate and public scrutiny.

With that said, I am in the works with a few publishers in securing edited collections of the following topics:
1. Race Wars -- An edited collection that will include essays that speak to the publicly contentious relationships between people of color i.e. Blacks/Hispanics, Blacks/Koreans, etc. This collections will probe the possible causes of such dissension as well as why these relationships need to and should be mended. For this collection, I want to especially want to hallmark contributions by people of color.

2. There is no title for this collection but I want to publish a collection of essays by people of African descent in their twenties, who speak about race, gender, and class post-Civil Rights America. How have things changed? Have things changed? As an African American, are you pessimistic or optimistic about the future of Black America. More on this later.

3. I want to publish a collection on Blacks speaking about the Black middle class. These could be your own experiences as well as essays. More on this as well.

For this particular post and for the time being, I have put the above ideas aside(would love to hear any comments on the above ideas) to work on the first edited collection. Below, I have written the unofficial Summary of the first edited collection that I am working on. Next week I will publish a more astute, well-thought out explanation of what I'm trying to do:


Color or colour plays an extremely important role in the landscape of American society. This important role is tied prominently to notions of race, gender, and in many instances class. For this collection, I am seeking essays that analyze the ways in which primary colors (i.e. Black, White, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Brown, Red, and Blue) have been codefied amidst racist and sexist boundaries. For example, why is evil, particularly in cartoons, almost exclusively associated with Black i.e. Black clothing, Black Hair, Black eyes, etc. These entries can span the gamut of culture, language, media, politics etc. Essay can be non-fiction as well as personal experiences of "color". Entries can also look at two colors in opposition or in symmetry as well as mixed together and the color that both create. How is Black, White, Red, Yellow, Brown, etc. codefied in terms of race and sex in American culture. For instance for this collection, I will be looking at the intersection of Black and Blue -- the ways in which Blue has become an alternative version of Black in white culture(think of "the Blues, Blue Man Group, "Blue Dog" in the New Orleans art scene), a signifier of authenticity, depth, suffering, difference, the underdog, and essentially Blackness. I will further look at the ways, especially in pop culture, white culture has figured out a way in which skin can be earned redemptively, mostly by identifying with the colorful, more exotic side of difference -- Blackness and now Blueness. Franz Fanon talked about the "epidermalization of subjectivity" and this collection will do just that. How has "color" become associated with various racial and gender based themes? I also want people who will be looking at the words and/or concept of "color" or "colour" (and any variation of it..i.e. "coloured"). Entries should prioritize fresh, intelligent ideas while at the same time privileging smart and accessible language rather than obtuse, scholarly prose.

How does this sound? I'd like to see first how many people are intersted in collaborating and then by next week, I'll have any official call (that I will be publicizing shortly). I'd also appreciate any additions, questions and/or concerns that any of you may have with the topic.

In other news, I will be planning my first outing for my yahoo group Epicurean Delights (see sidebar) shortly. August Wilson's Seven Guitars is currently playing in New York at the Signature Theatre Company. Tickets are only $15 for all seats. The play is in production until Sept. 23rd so I will be planning a get together for all us New Yorkers soon!

robustious -- adj:1. Boisterous; vigorous 2. Coarse; rough; crude.

"Is it wrong for me to love my own? Is it wicked for me because my skin is red? Because I am Sioux? Because I was born where my father lived? Because I would die for my people and my country?" ---Sitting Bull



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sounds good. I checked online for those tix when I first heard about it and ALL the shows were sold out. I'm assuming they were sold in blocks to organization. If you hear of a group selling tix I wouldn't mind checking it out.

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