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What's your least favorite word?

I'm a word person, always have been, probably always will be which is why I like to surround myself with them. My least favorite would have to be "pity", or any variation of the word. I think its very meaning is offensive. To pity someone, feel sorry for or to feel sorrow for someone seems quite condecending. I can understand being aware of and/ or sensitive to someone's troubles (or at least your perception of someone's troubles) but I believe pity to take that to the level of being patronizing, like you're looking above someone and shaking your evokes a "poor them attitude" that I find pitiful, rarely casuing someone to spring into action. Besides I haven't met anyone who likes pity. I guess a close second for me would be "ugly" for obvious reasons. What's yours?

epigone -- n: An inferior imitator, especially of some distinguished writer, artist, musician, or philosopher.

"I believe in saying the truth, coming out with it cold, shocking if necessary, not disguising it. In other words, obscenity is a cleansing process..." --- Henry Miller



Blogger C. Artis said...

i had a friend who could not bear to hear or say the word 'moist'. she said it felt funny coming out of her mouth and it seemed 'oozy' to her ears.

i don't have a least favorite word. at least not that i'm aware of. i mean certain words might stir up a bunch of feelings like 'lynch' for instance. it hurts to read that word. 'rape' also does it for me. i'll get back to you on that. ciao*

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