dimanche, juillet 16, 2006

Don't Count Us Out

This week's Time Magazine features an article that highlights Sujeet Desai and Carolyn Bergeron a couple that married this month and are eager to begin their lives together. Reverend James Paulson, who officiated their wedding, declared "Love can't be stopped by Down Syndrome". And they seek to prove him right. The article further stipulates that this generation of people who have trisomy 21 or Down Syndrome are shattering stereotypes about what society dictates they are capable of doing. Their life expectancy has more than doubled since 1983, a new range of services that cropped up to ensure their inclusion into the worksforce, and a number of early intervention programs are available now to help them cope with their disability early on. In other words, marriage is now a viable option. Note to self: Never let anyone put put prohibitions on your life.

contumely -- n: 1. Rudeness or rough treatment arising from haughtiness and contempt; scornful insolence 2. An instance of contemptuousness in act or speech.

"A slave is one who waits for someone to come and free him" -- Ezra Pound