dimanche, août 27, 2006

I've Been Meaning to...

I've been meaning to read Edward P. Jones's The Known World for some time, particularly after it won the Pulitizer Prize three years ago. The plot, as well as the scope magnitude, and general prize by literary scholars alike pull me towards the novel. All Aunt Hagar's Children, his new book, is apparently a collection of short stories that takes place in the same time period as his The Known World. There are especially no excuses for me not having read The Known World as I actually purchased the book when it came out! Just put is aside one day and neever came back to it! Enjoy your Sunday!

provender -- noun: 1. Dry food for domestic animals, such as hay, straw, corn, oats, or a mixture of ground grain; feed. 2. Food or provisions.

"I am attracted to myths" -- Tina Turner